Moscow to Yaroslavl and back

Nimgp08661 It’s late and I’m exhausted, but this first good connection in more than a week compels me to post. It has been an incredibly emotional period. Masha and all of us have met Olga and Alexander, her biological parents, and a two-year younger sister, Katya. We visited the staff at the regional maternity hospital where Masha lived her first three-plus years. These women were both joyful and tearful to see her. They had prepared the room in which she had lived by putting up decorations and old photos of Masha from her first years with them: I was astonished they had kept those photos nearly 13 years.

All of this after days of sight-seeing in Moscow and train trips to Yaroslavl. In Yaroslavl we had the fantastic assistance of Galina Evstifeeva, a local teacher of English, who has lived in the USA as a Russian teacher and is involved with Friends of Russian Orphans.

This is all disjointed, it’s past midnight in Moscow and we fly out to Paris and onto Nice tomorrow for the Mediterranean EM Congress. I’m just trying to get a few thoughts down and share some photos with all of you since I’ve been out of touch for more than one week.

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