Year End 2009


Hello from Brooklyn where as I write cookies are baking and some
hens are laying—though molting hens reduce egg production. This past January, the
family winter vacation plan took us all to Costa Rico with some friends for the
warmth and explorations. The environment was warm, the beach and the Pacific
were a bit farther away than perfection would argue for, yet the stay was
marvelous for the rest, adventures in organic farming and (the kids) zip-line
canopy touring along with the untimed sleep, good grub and rum drinks.IMG_1073_crop DSC_0670
The tour
of the mangroves along the coast was early in the trip and one of the
highlights as we were swarmed by capuchin monkeys, but also saw less disturbed
examples of the local flora, fauna and their ecological interactions. Our
guides in the mangroves and the national park were young men who impressed us
with their ingratiating personalities, knowledge of the environment and generous


In late spring Steve’s ER was nearly overwhelmed by a doubling of daily patient volume as the H1N1 “Swine” Flu moved through New York. Our year over year growth continues and we’ll finish the year having seen well over 100,000 patients, more than a doubling from the time of Steve’s arrival in 1995. Amazing to realize how long Steve’s been at Maimonides.

Masha made the move to an apartment share over the summer
while continuing at Hunter where she’s full-time in the fall session. She’s happy to be out of the parent’s house, though came home to bake cookies with Mom. Zoey imported his Mom for cookie baking this past weekend to his better this year West Philadelphia apartment where he’s living with three close school friends. He’s in his senior year at Penn and uncertain as to what’s next which seems like a normal state of affairs for this time of his life.

This past summer, Simone and Steve enjoyed a month of long weekends around NY and on LBI with Grandma Claire and a full week with friends Bill and Peggy on the North Fork of Long Island. Zoey joined us for several of those days driving over from Brookhaven National Labs where he spent a few weeks working at the end of the summer.

Simone again served as a site coordinator with the Cobble
Hill Community Supported Agriculture program that supports local farmers and supplies us with fresh produce. She continues the Brooklyn branch of the German Shepherd Dog Rescue, just celebrating its tenth anniversary, that she helped establish when we were in Philadelphia. Our old GSD Hillary finally died at nearly age 14 early this summer and so after more than a year of not doing so, we’ve recently taken in a foster German Shepherd dog, Alma, a long-legged female ~2-year-old named for a longtime friend of Simone’s. Leo, our terrier mix in sheep’s clothing is not entirely thrilled with the new addition.P1000323_crop

We’re fortunate that our mothers remain active and mostly
well though not without some of the challenges of great age. These family
tidings remind me of friends who are struggling with their health and life
itself. I hope you are taking care of yourselves and enjoying the world around
you. We would love to host your visit to New York in 2010.