Marches aux Pouches, Saturday Afternoon

Nimgp0633 One of the seven markets at Marche aux Pouces. We took the Metro #4 to Porte de Clignancourt and walked from there. Simone tells stories of shopping there all the time when she lived here in the 1970’s. I remember the bootleg disks and old French Foreign legion surplus or knock-offs for sale. Today it was full of name brand clothing at relatively cheap prices, but there are still a few of the older sellers hawking wares from who knows when and "antique" (could be, I don’t know) furniture for sale.

Nflea903e I went on this trip eager to hear jazz ala Django Reinhart at the café named ‘La Chope des Puces‘ which has been singled out, most recently in the August US Airways Attache Magazine, because it is small, funky, has moules–frites, and live Django Reinhart–type music with its musicians ‘Les Manouches,’ in the afternoons on Saturday, Sunday and holiday Mondays. At 122. Rue des Rosiers, Saint–Ouen. Métro: Garibaldi or Porte de Clignancourt. InfoTel.: 01 40 11 02 49. Unfortunately, the bar was closed on this August weekend as we’re finding many places are at this time in the summer.

Nimgp0637_2 We took the Metro back to Odeon and wandered around the Latin Quarter where we people-watched, cafe sat, shopped and wandered . . . saw this opera singer draw quite a crowd. (Click the photo for a one minute audio-video sample, but it’s huge–10 Megabytes–so you’d better have a DSL/cable connection or lots of time on your hands.)

Supper in the Mouffetard district near the apartment and now (midnight) soon to bed. Tomorrow’s weather anticipates lots of rain.

/Steve, Simone, Zoey & Masha