Certified Physician Executive Tutorial

So I’m sitting at my sister’s in Palmetto after four days at the American College of Physician ExecutivesCertified Physician Executive Tutorial. I have to admit I was reticent to even tell colleagues what I was off for this week. It seemed like a silly waste of time. Friends and colleagues had queried me, “What are you, a ‘Wharton MBA’ doing taking this ridiculous course. When held to account I spoke about “getting my ticket punched” but this week turned out to be a wonderful experience. I should have known it would.

The key is the variety of people at the program. Learning from peers has been wonderful and revitalizing. My cohort group of eight with our varied personalities and styles was a substantial contributor to the value of the week and one of our cohort’s teaching fellows, Bob Hodge gave plenary presentations on informatics and mentoring that I could/would/wanted to have done . . . maybe someday.

The formal program varied as do most. I found our cohort a wonderful experience and the Meyer-Briggs a useful tool on which to organize a presentation. I’m going to do a little more reading about it and maybe develop a column around it.

Meanwhile, A few photos from the week are here.

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  1. Hi Steve –
    I came across your site by reading your recent (5/04) EM News Pt Sat piece- very cool, nice job – we shared some time together at the ACPE course – I liked your promotion of the ACPE course – certainly, I too thought it was worthwhile – especially working in the cohorts being able to learn with/from non-ER docs with a shared interest in medical and hospital administration –
    best from SF,
    Russ Braun MD, MPH, MBA FACEP, CPE

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